Matrix is a Super Charged Grid Controller

A device for everyone. Design with openness in mind and with limitless possibility. High performance SOC and full stack open sourced for anyone want to make it what ever they wishes.

  • Device

    Cutting Edge Espressif ESP32-S3 SOC

    64 Ultra High Brightness RGB LED

    32 LED RGB Underglow

    Velocity Sensitive Keypad

    Bluetooth LE 5.1 + Wifi + 2.4G Wireless (Receiver sold seperatly)

  • Software

    Official Matrix OS 2 support

    USB-MIDI support (More with OS update)

    Support all DAW including Ableton Live and FL Studio

    Support Lightshows made for Ableton Live, AM and Unipad

  • Hardware

    Port: USB-C

    Dimension: 205*205*13.2mm

    Weight: Around 800g