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Team Alua

Gravity Rush Kat Fumo

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The image shown is a pre-production sample and there are still a few details I expected to be modified. If you have any suggestions for the design, feel free to let me know and I will try my best to improve it.

I will post more details, images, and updates of it for the coming days mainly on my Twitter or r/GravityRush.
It will also come with a customized Kat Fumo badge.

Her clothes, body, and face used expansive fabrication processes to make up for the detail and quality but those are pretty costly and especially at this low volume; however, I think the results really justified it.

In order to start the production, I would need at least 40 orders, and just to be clear, in order to keep the price low, I will not be directly profiting from this if < 100 orders were made. I just want to get them made.

If the production went well, it should begin shipping around mid-March from the factory located in China. 
If you placed an order earlier on Etsy, please cancel it because I no longer have access to my account nor Etsy is willing to communicate.